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Gifts & Print Shoppe

Delicious Chocolate Truffles!
New Fall Scents!!
The shower is calling, and I must go!
Duke Cannon is Here!!
Color Scanning & Printing
Open 8-5  Monday thru Friday
Our Unique Gift Shoppe
Gifts for Her!
Gifts for Him
Gifts with meaning!
Quick and Efficient

Our Story

Happenstance360 LLC was born out of best friends and a dream of someday owning a local business with meaning. The name itself has a double meaning.

Happenstance. . . . . . chance or a chance situation. especially one producing a good result.

"We make choices but are constantly foiled by Happenstance" Penelope Lively

360. . . . . . To come full circle. "There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?" Zaha Hadid

 Every item we carry in our Gift Shoppe is a journey for the senses and the soul. Each item says something special about you or that certain someone you are gifting it to.

Everything we print in our Print Shoppe is given the time, care and attention to detail it deserves.  

So. . . . . . . Slow Down. Take it all in and recognize that there are signs everyday and everywhere.

Happenstance is a Happy Chance for Anything!

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